Stay up-to-date with the South Axis!

With the soon to be opened Zuidasdok, not only will the South Axis be even more easy to reach, but it will also be a lot more sustainable as it used to be. The A10 South will be expanded from four to six driving lanes, and it will even disappear underground when reaching the heart of the South Axis. Both air pollution and noise control will be addressed with this solution. Through traffic and termination traffic will be separated and the Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions will also be adjusted.

The Amsterdam South train station will undergo a complete renovation. As the new high-end public transportation terminal, this will be the centralization point for trains, trams, buses, trams and taxis. Furthermore, the area will get a ‘green make-over’. There will be a few squares around the stations, as well as hiking and biking trails. The tunnel roof will be covered with green. The underground road will reach a length of approximately one kilometer.

More information regarding the development of the South Axis can be found here.